Costantino Paolini

Costantino Paolini began his career in the music business in 1962 working for one of the major US music publishing houses of that period which managed artists such as The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Frank Sinatra, etc…

After that experience Costantino decided to be directly involved in the music business by creating his own company operating in the production and the management of the music for numerous films and TV shows. During those years, several songs produced by the company participated in different editions of the most famous music show in Italy: the Sanremo Festival.

The beginning of his career

During those early years of activity, Paolini decided to promote for free any company producing music tracks he believed in; the compensation he asked for was the musical co-editions of the B sides songs. The business strategy was an immediate success. In a few years that allowed Paolini’s company to create its own valuable music library made up of songs by famous artists. This repertoire was then exploited promoting and printing the scores intended for live performances which thus generate additional royalties.

Paolini’s company soon became an attractive target for acquisition by larger international companies drawn by its music library and by the innovative business formula. The company was sold to the Warner Chapel with which Paolini had already collaborated for many years.

Costantino Paolini today

In the last four decades Costantino Paolini has become one of the most prominent Italian entrepreneur in the field of music production, music publishing and rights management. In particular he has been very successful in the research, administration and collection of proceeds generated in Italy by the music and soundtracks of films and television series owned by Italian and international producers.

As a sub-editor, in the last 5 years, Paolini’s company has collected and managed from SIAE (the Italian copyright collecting agency) over €17 Millions in music rights for foreign publishing houses and artists whose content (films, TV content and songs) had been broadcasted in the Italian territory

Public Appointments

  • Costantino Paolini has been the chief exectutive in the music division board at nella S.I.A.E. (la Società Italiana degli Autori e degli Editori).

Currently Paolini is:

  • Shareholder and Sole Director CP AND PARTNERS srl
  • Shareholder and President of the Board of Directors of INTERPAOPUB srl